Our Group

GALA Trust and Management Services are the foremost experts in providing effective and personalized estate management services based out of Panama.

Our group recognizes the importance of proper and prudent estate management, and accordingly it is a specialized field in which we have consistently excelled. With over thirty years of experience, both companies are organized so as to facilitate cooperation with one another in the creation and management of a wide array of trusts and have  structured one of the most successful trust portfolios in the country.

GALA Trust focuses on effective estate management related to trusts, private banking, finance and accounting. These services are available for both local and international clients, whether individuals or corporate entities. The company operates under the supervision of Panama’s Banking Regulation office (Superintendencia de Bancos).

The company’s main priority is the creation of added value for our clients, by offering low risk short as well as long-term solutions particularly tailored to each individual client. GALA Trust & Management Services is supported by a team of qualified experts and cutting edge technology.  The company’s continued success is based on a foundation of integrity, accountability and administrative excellence in managing all types of trust assets.